About Me

Hello there, my name is T. Thanks for stopping by.

I am a software engineer who enjoys building things. I have too many ideas, too many side projects and not enough time to build all of them. So this blog is my journal on things I am working on or things I want to want to work on.
During the day I wear two hats of an Engineering Manager and a Senior Site Reliability Engineering for the Low Latency Group at London Stock Exchange Group. Previously I worked for Here Technologies in the exciting field of autonomous driving.

Needless to say, technology plays a big role in my life. Better to say technology is my life. Computers have always fascinated me and I am fortunate that professionally I get to play with computers all day.
My other passion is building tech community. I lived in Chicago for a decade and helped run the Chicago Python User Group (aka Chipy). I built a volunteer driven mentorship program that helped new developers, designed hands on programming challenges and helped make the group one of the most active tech communities in the country.

I am always looking for an opportunity to collaborate with others on building products that push the boundaries of what we can do with computers – both professionally or just for fun! Drop me a line at tathagatadg at gmail dot com.

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